Begin College Admission Essay Help Now with Private Tutor

A well-written college application essay is a key component of your admission package. It gives the admissions staff insight into your interests and personality that can’t be obtained from any other part of your application. As the following article states, when you start early and take the time to perfect your admission essay, your application is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

5 Things High School Seniors Should Be Doing Now

If you are a rising high school senior, you probably thought you had all summer to get prepared for the upcoming college admission frenzy. But guess what? You’re running out of time. Get started on the essay! Writing the college essay is one of the most nerve-wracking chores that face high school seniors. If you start now, you’re more likely to be able to devote the time to do a superb job. While you can often use the same essay for multiple schools, be prepared to answer a college’s supplemental questions. A biggie goes something like this: “Why do you want to attend our school?” You won’t be able to ace this question unless you really understand the college, and that requires research.