College Admission Essay Can Be Deciding Factor–Admission Coaches Can Help

The admission essay, for private and independent schools as well as colleges, provides an opportunity for schools to see past standardized scores and see a real person. Give schools the opportunity to see your strengths and what you could bring to their community by working with an admission essay coach, who can guide you through the process and leave you with a polished, outstanding essay. As the following article describes, the essay topic as well as the clarity of the finished product make all the difference.

Tips on American College Admissions Essays, From a Veteran Dean

The essay just may be the most important aspect of your application to a United States college or university. While your standardized test scores and grades can assure you are a competitive applicant, they won’t make you stand out in a strong applicant pool. Extracurricular activities and recommendations help inform admission committees what you do in and out of class, but rarely serve to significantly differentiate applicants unless they speak to unusual talents or characteristics. The essay is often a deciding factor, conveying information to the admissions committee about your personality, values, creativity or other intangible qualities sought after in students. It’s also the one component of your application where you have full control over the outcome (if you had full control over the other aspects you would have a 2400 SAT score, straight A+ grades and exams, and been to the moon and back by the time you were 12). While a great essay won’t make up for poor academic preparation or other deficiencies in an application, it can mean the difference between admission and rejection.