Boston Exam Schools Accept Only Top Scores on ISEE

Private schools are becoming even more competitive, especially the Boston Exam Schools, such as Boston Latin. The ISEE test is required for these schools, and there is a cut-off score, so no matter how good a student your child is, without a very high score, your child will not be accepted. Working with a private ISEE tutor or a group ISEE class will increase your child’s score and improve their chances of acceptance.

ISEE Preparation Can Dramatically Improve Your Test Score

Each year the number of students applying for private schools, also called independent schools, continues to rise. Students that attend independent high schools out-perform other students and often make up the majority of students admitted to elite colleges.
It is that selectivity, in fact, that is a primary obstacle to admission for many would-be students.

Most private schools will establish a baseline or bottom test score that can be considered. Having an understanding and good ISEE preparation prior to sitting for the exam is crucial, and students that understand the exam and know what to expect on the ISEE do significantly better. Even the brightest students will see a tremendous benefit from ISEE preparation and practice with actual ISEE sample questions. Studies have shown a quantifiable increase in their ISEE test scores.