Don’t Forget To Prepare for the ISEE Essay!

The ISEE Essay is an opportunity to show private schools that not only can you write a cohesive, organized, thought-out essay, but you can do it in 30 minutes. Working with a private tutor on ISEE test prep provides students with a one-on-one writing coach who can fine-tune your child’s writing skills and prepare them for the rigors of a timed essay-writing task. As the following article states, don’t miss out on the opportunity to show off your child’s strengths on the ISEE essay.


The ISEE essay is not scored. But, you can request for your essay to be photocopied and sent to certain schools – or you can leave it off your ISEE report entirely.
But, why wouldn’t you send your ISEE essay to every school? If you don’t send it, private schools are just going to think you’re hiding something from them. Not sending an essay tells schools you didn’t care enough to prepare for it. At which point, they’ll draw their own conclusions.
Is this student lazy? Do they have poor grammar skills? Do they have zero confidence in their writing? Those are the impressions you’ll leave, and elite schools will not accept those kinds of students.
So, you need to prepare for the ISEE essay as if it were any other section. A strong essay tells schools you’re willing to take the extra step, even when it’s not necessary. A lot of students will shy away from submitting their essay, giving you a great chance to stand out.
Work with an ISEE tutor: You can know everything there is to know about writing a great ISEE essay. But, to truly master it, you’ll need to work with a private ISEE essay tutor. Your tutor can help you better understand how to impress private schools with your writing.