Start this Summer on SAT/ACT and Score Higher

SAT and ACT season will be upon us in a few short weeks, and it is vital that students take advantage of the summer to practice test preparation skills. Working with a private tutor allows students to learn their personal testing weaknesses and how to strengthen them with test-taking skills. As the following article states, practice over a longer period of time, rather than cramming, is the best way to score higher on the SAT and ACT tests.

9 Tips for Summer Test Prep

Summer is the perfect time to get ahead on studying for the SAT and ACT. Set aside a few minutes a day to study and you’ll avoid having to study during the school year. Procrastination is the enemy of students everywhere, and it can completely derail your study plans. If you wait until the last week to study for the SAT or ACT, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed at how much you have to do and will probably give up on studying altogether. By starting early (now!), and setting aside 30 minutes or an hour a day, you can be completely prepared in a month or two when you decide to take the test. Treat studying like your job—after all, the payout can be just as impressive!

The number one way to ace the SAT or ACT is to practice. Even if you don’t see results at first, these tests reuse many of the same problems, and you’ll eventually start to see them over and over again. On top of that, you’re honing your reading and problem solving skills for the test. Practice improves confidence and will help you avoid getting choked up if you encounter difficulties during the actual test. For question types such as reading comprehension, practice is the only real way to get better!