Private School Admissions Causing You Stress? Admission Consulting to the Rescue

Private school admissions is an overwhelming process for families, and parents don’t always know where to start. There are essays, SSAT and ISEE tests, interviews, and school visits. An Admission Consultant can help guide you through this process. As the article below states, parents wish the private school admissions process could be easier–and luckily, it can be.

Private School Admissions Can Be Testing for All

You can see them huddled together near the basketball court at Rose Park. Catch a snatch of a conversation between two moms on N Street. Parents. Fretting.
It is private school admission season, and tensions are running high.
“It is a tragi-comedy,” mutters one mother, whose son is in kindergarten at Georgetown Day. It certainly generates a lot of anxiety, and a great deal of discussion among a certain set. It is also time-consuming. All those school tours. All those parent coffees, Q and A’s, and child visits. A lot of bother for the privilege of paying $25,000 a year for something you can also get for free.
“It is a long process,” says another mother. “You go look at the school, then you apply and write essays about your kid’s strengths—painful—and then, worst of all, you take the kid in and the school decides she ‘has trouble with transitions’ and they don’t let you in!” Then, there are the standardized tests for four-year-olds with questions like “Can you name a vegetable?” Then there are SSATs for the bigger ones. “Boat is to ship as log is to…” The tests mean more appointments, more fees, more stress, and more time spent away from schoolwork, running around outside, or sanity.