SSAT Test Prep is Required for High Achievement on SSAT Test

SSAT test prep is a daunting undertaking, since the test is so challenging and there is so much material with which your child will be unfamiliar. Working with a private tutor on the SSAT test-taking strategies will prepare your child to perform at their best on test day. As the following article states, regular SSAT practice is the only way to achieve a high SSAT test score.

Work for It, Kid

As part of the process of making the decision about middle schools, my son has to write the SSAT test. I used to work for one of the companies that does preparation courses for these standardized tests, so I know that a concentrated dose of preparation can go a long way to improving the scores. That and studying thousands of vocabulary words. Which is what he has been doing. For an hour a day. At the end of the road: established work habits, and a better score.
I think it’s a plan that works in everyone’s favour, and he is certainly more eager to sit down with flashcards. The whole atmosphere around the test preparation has lightened enormously. And I will continue to live in the hope that the vocabulary he learns in the next few weeks stays with him for life and does not vanish into the ether once the test is done!