Taking the SAT Again? Here’s Why Test Prep Helps

When your child does not perform well on the SATs, it can be easy to get frustrated. Instead, take this as an opportunity to use the test they already took as an assessment tool that shows which specific areas your child needs to improve. Then begin working with a private tutor to bring up the test score by specifically targeting the areas that your child needs to improve. As the following article states, studies have proven that SAT prep does raise scores.

College Admissions: 5 Fixes for Low SATs

Fall SAT results are out, and some students didn’t do as well as they hoped. Standardized tests are a key part of admissions decisions at many colleges, but there are ways that applicants can try to improve their scores or minimize the impact on their college acceptances. Consider: test prep works. Studies have proven that SAT prep does raise scores. However, sitting in a large class once a week isn’t a silver bullet. You need to study outside of class and do the practice tests. Students who do work on their own in addition to a program see the highest bumps in scores. Also consider private tutoring to address some of your individual deficiencies in areas like vocabulary, geometry or algebra.