SAT and ACT Test Prep Teaches you Time Management, Test-Taking Strategy

One of the most important aspect of skillful test-taking is the ability to manage your time properly, and in a test in which you have more questions than minutes, this is key. Working with a private SAT or ACT tutor will allow you to learn the specific test-taking strategies and time management skills that will allow you to make the most of your abilities. As the following article states, SAT and ACT test prep will ensure that you have what it takes to receive a high test score.

Timing Tips for the ACT and SAT

How do you pace yourself during standardized tests? Jordan Liss, a sophomore at the University of Michigan, faced this question each time he took the ACT, which was five times. “The last thing a student wants to do is a math problem trying to figure out how much time they have,” Mr. Liss said.

TAKE PRACTICE TESTS. To help internalize a pace, take tests until you can comfortably finish all the questions.

SET A TARGET SCORE. If you’re a genius and think you can score a 36 on the ACT science test, you will need to work fast and answer all 40 questions correctly. But only 27 questions need to be correct to score a 23. If you’re an average student, choose which to answer and take the time to get them right.

DON’T GET STUCK ON ONE QUESTION. Get the easy ones out of the way first, then go back.

DON’T GUESS ON THE SAT. Each incorrect answer will cost a quarter point. But the ACT does not penalize for wrong answers. When the proctor calls out five minutes, fill in those bubbles fast.

ADJUST YOUR PACING. Each section requires different timing. Of course, everyone must find a test-taking comfort level. Some do better skimming the passages and heading straight for the questions.