SAT Test Prep Prepares You For Much More Than Just SAT Test

The SAT test is an exam designed to assess how well you can take the SAT test–it is not an intelligence test. Students need to prepare well with a private SAT tutor in order to know the ins and outs of the test and to feel confident on test day. As the following article states, if you know what you will be asked and how you will be asked these questions, you will be a step ahead of the students who have not prepared.

Advantages of Early SAT, ACT, and Standardized Test Prep

Students learn some of what they need for the college entrance exams in their high-school classes, but not everything. This is particularly true of the SAT, which tests problem-solving skills (unlike the ACT, which is more content-based). A good SAT/ACT prep program gives you test-taking skills you might not get in school.
Starting test prep in 10th grade – or a year before you take these tests – can be a huge advantage. At the very least, students should begin preparing for each test three months before they take it.
Taking the SAT a second time can raise your score 50 points, but SAT prep can likely raise your score 150 points or more. Starting test prep early leads to better test scores, and better test scores lead to better colleges.
Besides being ready for several of the most important tests in your high-school career, you’ll find benefits in the classroom, too. SAT and ACT prep lets you work on areas where you need help and review subjects you might have forgotten. Prep work keeps you focused on your educational and college goals. It’s hard to forget what you’re working for when you spend your time working on it. A good prep program keeps you organized, determined and focused on your goals. It also puts you ahead of the competition in one of the most important contests you’ll ever be in – your future.