Time to Start Prep for Spring SAT/ACT Tests

As the expression goes, knowing is half the battle, and for the SAT and ACT tests this could not be more true. The earlier your teen begins preparation for their standardized test, the more time they will have to acquire the test-taking strategies and skills necessary to achieve their highest possible score. As the following article describes, starting SAT or ACT test prep early allows students the highest range when it comes to actually choosing the college that they will eventually attend.

Going to college? A good SAT score can help you on your way

For teens, the road to college requires achieving high scores in standardized admissions tests, primarily the SAT and/or the ACT. Most high school students take the SAT, ACT or both in their junior and senior years. That means this school year’s sophomores and juniors may want to start their SAT or ACT preparations now, if they haven’t already. The good news for high school students these days is that SAT and other college entrance tests can be prepared for in many different ways. “If you have a good score on the SAT or ACT your chances of getting yourself into your desired school are better,” says Kenneth Reyes, a George Washington High School counselor. Test prep can help not only by reinforcing what they’ve learned but also by teaching them how these exams are set up and providing test-taking techniques.