SAT Test Prep Prepares Students for Rigors of Standardized Testing

When a student is asked to retain all of the knowledge they have acquired about the SAT Test, along with the strategies involved in getting through the test efficiently and successfully, it can add additional stress to then expect the student to use the standardized scoring system without making any errors and without wasting any precious time. SAT test prep prepares the student to tackle this added task with a calm state of mind. Standardized scoring is a necessary aspect of the test-taking process, but that doesn’t mean it needs to stand in a student’s way.

In Defense of the Standardized Testing Industry

Given the downright scientific nature of the work we in the testing industry do, I can’t see how anyone would deign to doubt the results. Multiple-choice standardized tests are scored electronically, for Pete’s sake, the penciled-in score sheets simply scanned into massive computers and compared to a pre-loaded answer key. That foolproof system hardly ever screws up, with scoring snafus appearing to happen no more than every couple of years.