Make Sure to Schedule for Multiple SAT Tests

Because students have the opportunity to take the SAT test multiple times, and because colleges will accept the highest score a student receives on the test, it is to your advantage to take the SAT test junior year. Begin SAT test prep with a one-on-one SAT tutor as early as possible so that your son or daughter has the most opportunity to learn the test-taking strategies necessary to excel on the test. As the following article describes, the odds are in your favor if you start the SAT test preparation process now.

What to Do When: Time for Juniors to Think About the SAT

Juniors may be asking themselves if they should take the SAT now or in the fall. Yes, junior year. Not senior year. That is because all colleges will accept more than one SAT score, and 99% of them will take the highest score a student earns. This means that you should play the odds in your favor and take the test more than once. If you only had one shot to take the SAT, then absolutely you should wait until fall of senior year, the time when you know the most and will be the most prepared. But since you can take the test more than once, why not start early? Of course, if you’re going to take the SAT during the spring of your junior then you may want to sign up for a study course or private tutoring to help you with the SAT.