For High SAT Test Scores, Start Early and Prep One-on-One

The SAT test is one of the key elements of a strong college application, and studies show that test preparation with a one-on-one tutor is the best way to achieve high scores. It is important to start prep early and take the acquisition of content and test-taking strategies seriously. As the following article states, starting early and working with a private tutor are the best ways to see high SAT test scores.

SAT prep: 4 steps to a better score

The SAT is probably the most important exam a student will ever take. It can carry as much weight with college admissions officers as years’ worth of grades, and determine whether a student gets into a top-choice university. With pressure that intense, it’s easy for students to become stressed; some might even give up in the face of the challenge. However, the SATs don’t have to be a frightening experience. With the right preparation, students will go into the exam room with a confident attitude and come away with strong scores.

Every student tests differently, but certain strategies are sure to lead to better SAT results. One of those strategies is to simply recognize that everyone gets stressed in high-pressure situations, but that coping with that stress, and turning it into a positive motivation, should be the goal. Learning to deal effectively with stress shouldn’t be up to the student alone; guidance along the way is important.

Get an early start. Cramming for a short quiz is one thing, but it should never be an option for the SAT. A test this important (and complex) means that studying should begin at least a couple of months in advance. Even if a student already does well in school, getting used to the SAT testing format and timing can lead to better results. Because the SAT is offered in October, November, December, January, March, May and June, many students opt to take it during the spring of their junior year. Some choose to re-take it in the fall of their senior year, after they’ve had even more time to prepare.

Use a tutor. Getting expert help can make all the difference between average and outstanding SAT scores. One-on-one tutoring includes more than just sample questions. Students work with certified tutors to learn test-taking strategies that help them approach the test with self-assurance.

There’s no doubt about it – the SATs are important and can have an effect on a student’s future. With the right preparation, the test will look less like something to fear and more like an opportunity to succeed.