SAT Test Prep Over the Summer Leads to Maximum Score Improvement

The summer is the best time to begin standardized test preparation, especially for the October SAT test. Working with a specialized SAT tutor will allow your child to learn the test-taking strategies and the content that they are required to know by the test date. Spreading out test preparation throughout the summer will allow them to focus their time and harness their academic abilities in order to maximize their SAT score on test day.

Follow a Summer Study Plan to Maximize SAT Preparation

October’s changing leaves and SAT dates might seem far away in these early summer days, but the weeks and months speed by quickly. For students planning to take the October SAT, summer offers an opportunity for a slow and steady approach to test preparation.

Organize a study plan: A roughly 12-week summer study plan allows students to retain a lot of material. Because of that extra time, a plan should be tailored to the student’s strengths and challenges with SAT topics. The best way to assess the focus of a study plan is to first take a practice exam.

Summer is also your opportunity to master two important tricks and skills for the SAT. A great deal of success on the SAT is not only knowing the materials, but knowing how to take the test. Techniques like the plug-in method for SAT math mastery take time to learn – something summer study provides.

The more frequently students experience test-like conditions, the more agile they will be on test day. Mimic those conditions by taking the test at any location that will challenge your concentration and help you refine your focus.

Starting SAT prep now will help you take a deliberate approach and avoid scrambling to prepare during the school year. Those puzzle-beach-blanket days will be worth it in the end.