SSAT and ISEE Test Scores Are Highest When Students Start Test Preparation Early

Preparing for the ISEE and SSAT tests require time and patience, along with the support and guidance of an experienced tutor. Private school admission is highly competitive and when students begin test preparation at the last minute, studies show that scores will be lower. As the following article states, starting as early as possible in order to learn your child’s strengths and weaknesses will result in the highest score increases on the ISEE and SSAT tests.

Admissions Test Preparation: 2 Strategies

In a perfect world every child would master all the skills necessary to succeed academically. But children learn differently. Their teachers teach the same material differently. The school expects certain results in certain subject areas. That’s why a standardized admissions test is a critical part of most private school admissions requirements.
About eighteen months before the admissions test date purchase the test preparation materials which are so widely available. Read about the test your child will be taking. Understand what is required.
If you can take the long term approach to admissions test preparation, it certainly is the ideal. But you need to start a few years out from the actual admissions test itself. Here’s what to do: monitor your child’s progress carefully. Identify any deficiencies and remedy them. Hire tutors if necessary. Create and maintain a climate for academic success. Set expectations accordingly.