Planning Your SSAT Registration

Although the 2016-2017 SSAT test dates have not yet been released, it’s never too early to start planning your SSAT registration. The testing year begins on August 1st and ends July 31st the following year. Registering early prevents you from having to pay late fees while also giving you first pick at test centers. As the year goes on, test centers fill up and you may not get your first choice. Registering early takes away the stress and gives your child time to prepare.

The Middle and Upper Level SSAT tests are administered eight times throughout the testing year, while the Elementary Level tests start in December. On the day of the test it is recommended to arrive at the center a half hour early. A standard test typically begins at 9 am, but it is important to check your child’s test time at your test center.

Note that you will not be given a refund for cancellations and if you need to reschedule for a different date or location, you will be charged a $35 fee. According to, “To cancel a test: Please email with the name of the student and the test date you want to cancel.”

Remember these important details when registering for the SSAT test to avoid any unwanted stress and to let your child focus on doing his or her best.

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