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Private School Admission is Tough–Get Help from Admissions Consultant

When applying to private school, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Working with an Admissions Consultant can help guide you through the process. Below are some of the suggestions admissions officers have for parents and students beginning the arduous process of private school admission. Applying to Private Schools: Starting the Process #WATCH AND RUMINATE. “Observe your child and think about the learning style that’s best for him or her. What are the values of your…

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College Admission Essays Take Time–Start Now

College Applications are long, stressful, and complicated, and the College Admission Essay can be one of the most daunting parts. Enlist a College Admission Essay Expert to help guide you through the process and ensure that your essay is dynamic, engaging, and thoughtful. As the following article states, start now on the College Admission Essay for best results. College admissions process heats up As the sticky days of summer come to a close, one overwhelming…

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Start College Admission Early, Say Admissions Officers

Applying to college is a stressful, daunting process, and many students and families don’t know where or when to begin. It is important to start early, and enlisting the help of an Admission Consultant will bring a sense of order and organization to the process. As the following article states, Admissions Officers wish you knew to start early, and knowing where to start is the first step of that battle. 8 Things Admissions Officers Wish…

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