Admissions Consulting Eases College Application Stress

Applying for college can be the most stressful experience that parent and child have to endure. The list of things that need doing seems never to end. Personalized Admissions Consulting gives you and your child the peace of mind that nothing is slipping through the cracks. As the following article states, applying to college is a stressful and competitive process, and anything that eases the anxiety can make a huge difference.

College applications: Beyond test scores and competition

College applications are a grueling and competitive process for your child. With much anticipation and a shot of dread, it’s time for some families of high school juniors and seniors to enter the college sweepstakes. Once a kid is knee-deep into her junior year of high school, the mostly self-imposed requirements to apply to colleges come fast and furious: SATs, SAT tutoring, subject test tutoring. AP classes, exams – midterms and finals. Everything is magnified in search of the Holy Grail at the end of sending out college applications – acceptance to a school you actually want to attend or bragging rights to the kinds of schools that accepted you.

Applying to college in rarefied circles – solid to upper middle class – is a virtual blood sport. The fact is that 70% of high school seniors in the United States will go to college. Most of those seniors will not have cured cancer, written an opera or started a Fortune 500 business by the time they apply. They’ll be just like the zillion other candidates they’re up against at Fancy U. The rest of us well-meaning parents will shell out thousands of dollars for at least one of the following: SAT tutoring, regular subject tutoring, college coaching and application preparation.