PSAT Test Prep

Admissions Consulting Eases College Application Stress

Applying for college can be the most stressful experience that parent and child have to endure. The list of things that need doing seems never to end. Personalized Admissions Consulting gives you and your child the peace of mind that nothing is slipping through the cracks. As the following article states, applying to college is a stressful and competitive process, and anything that eases the anxiety can make a huge difference. College applications: Beyond test…

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Private Tutoring for SAT, ACT, and ISEE Test Prep is the Norm

Without test prep, for the SAT, ACT, or ISEE, your child is going to be behind the other students who are taking advantage of private tutoring services. Tutoring is now the norm, especially for test preparation. As the following article states, working with a private tutor makes a world of difference for students at all grades and skill levels. Demand high for tutoring services As the school year ramps up, so too are area tutoring…

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PSAT and SAT II Subject Tests–Start Prep Sophomore Year

Students who begin the process of test preparation in their Sophomore year of high school can often have a huge leg up on other students, with less stress put upon them Junior year. If you get your SAT II Subject tests out of the way while you are taking the subject called for (such as Biology), the subject will be fresher in your mind. If you can start preparing for the PSAT, not only will…

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