SSAT Test Options, Types, Locations and More

Is your child taking the SSAT? It’s important to be aware of all the different test options available for them.

There are currently four different SSAT test options:

  1. Paper-Based SSAT
  2. SSAT At Home
  3. Prometric Test Center
  4. SSAT Flex Test

Paper-Based Test Option

The paper-based SSAT is administered at test centers or by educational consultants. For each question, students use a pencil to fill in a circle for the answer they have chosen, and students also complete a writing sample in pencil. Test administrators follow precise instructions for proctoring of the SSAT — which will continue even as we expand our testing to include two new computer-based SSAT options: the SSAT at Home and the SSAT at Prometric test centers.

SSAT At Home Test Option

It’s time to reimagine the future of testing—and EMA is at the forefront with the SSAT at Home, a new at-home administration of the SSAT. SSAT at Home is only available for students physically located in the U.S. and Canada for the Middle and Upper Levels. After completing your student’s registration, you will receive an email to schedule the test with PSI, our partner in delivering the SSAT at Home. The deadline to schedule your student’s SSAT at Home is 24 hours before a test date and time. Your selected test date must be before July 31, 2022, when the test year ends. As availability may be limited, you should schedule your SSAT at Home as soon as possible to secure a specific test date.

Prometric Test Center Option

While many aspects of computer-based SSAT testing are similar to those of paper-based testing, there are some differences. It’s important to know that the computer-based SSAT at a Prometric test center is just a digital version of the paper-based SSAT. The types of questions, the sections, and related parts of the computer-based SSAT are the same. Your student will simply use a computer for all test sections instead of a book and an answer sheet. Your student will be directed by staff to a specific computer station, normally by number, to begin testing. Staff will constantly monitor the room and all test takers through a large glass window, as well as with security cameras. Students will be seated in a room with other SSAT test takers and other students and adults taking admission, licensure, and other types of exams. Students with testing accommodations may test in a shared testing room or may test individually depending on the site and the student’s accommodations.

SSAT Flex Test Option

A Flex test is a paper-based SSAT given to an individual or group on a flexible basis. The test date can be any day other than the six Standard test Saturdays. Middle and Upper Level Flex tests are also not available between the Flex 1 and Flex 2 periods stated below. Elementary Level student may only take one Flex test in a testing year (August 1 – July 31). Middle and Upper Level students may take up to two Flex tests as long as one is between August 1, 2021 and November 14, 2021 (Flex 1), and the other is between November 29, 2021 and July 31, 2022 (Flex 2). Flex tests may be given by member schools or approved educational consultants.

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