Taking Multiple SSAT Tests

It can be very helpful for students to take multiple SSAT tests. Our recommendation is to start test prep before testing the first time, then continue test prep up until the second test date. Testing multiple times may give students an advantage if they are already familiar with the test. It can be beneficial for students to have the experience of taking the test the first time, then reviewing those results with the tutor, strengthening test-taking strategies and improving content knowledge, and then testing again.

But how will schools see your scores? Families will automatically receive their student’s score report and are not required to indicate a school recipient of the scores when the student tests. If a family chooses to share their student’s scores with a school  when the student tests, they must add the desired school to the student’s score recipient list. However, they can also wait to see the scores before sending them.

But when can you test? You can take one SSAT Flex test (click here to learn more about Flex test) per testing year (August 1st to July 31st), in addition to all eight SSAT Standard tests. This provides a lot of flexibility for taking multiple SSAT tests throughout the year.

This means families can select the schools for their score recipient list at the time of registration and/or add schools after viewing the score report. There is no extra charge for adding schools before or after the report is generated. Score reports do indicate that your student has taken the SSAT multiple times, but do not list the number of times the SSAT was taken or the number of score reports on file. However, it is very common for students to take the SSAT multiple times, so this should not be considered a deterrent for retesting.

Can you cancel or remove SSAT scores?  You have the option of canceling your test scores. If you decide to cancel, your scores will not be reported to you or any of the schools you have selected to receive them. Be sure to cancel a test score you don’t want by 5:00 PM EDT on the Tuesday following your test date. You cannot wait until a score is received before canceling. Score recipients may also be removed free of charge using your  SSAT account. Score recipient removal must be completed prior to score release.

When do schools receive the scores? Most scores are released to schools after approximately two weeks. It’s important to test early enough in the year so that schools will receive your scores by their application deadlines. During the busiest testing months (November-January), it is likely that scoring will require the full two weeks. At other times, scores may be released earlier. If a school is designated as a score recipient before scores are released, the school will receive scores before they are available to the student.

It is important to note that only a complete score report can be sent to a school; this means families cannot select only portions of a report (such as just the Math or just the Verbal) to share, nor can they select one section of scores from one SSAT test and another section of scores from a different SSAT test.

This is where it will depend on the specific school to which your child is applying and how they use multiple score reports. If you choose to send multiple score reports, most schools will view all scores sent to them and use the highest score from each section; if your child performed better on the Math on one test but Verbal on the other, they will use the highest score from each test. However, this is up to the school decide and you should contact the admission office to discuss their policies on multiple score reports.

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