Testing Strategies

How to Study Vocabulary Most Effectively for the SSAT

In order to perform well on the SSAT, learning to study vocabulary is crucial. The Verbal section challenges the vocabulary skills of even the strongest students. It can be difficult to study vocabulary with your busy schedule, but without making it a priority, you will not be able to perform well on the synonyms and analogies portions of the SSAT exam. What is most important to remember about studying vocabulary is that you will never…

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What Not To Do on the SSAT

If your child is interested in attending an independent school, they will likely need to take the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) in order to apply. We have the information you need on what not to do on the SSAT. Don’t guess unless you can eliminate one or more answer choices as wrong. To read more about the guessing strategy for the SSAT, click here. Don’t rush, but keep moving. Use your time wisely by…

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The SSAT Guessing Strategy

Have you heard about the SSAT guessing strategy? It’s an important tactic for any student preparing to take the SSAT to know. Here are the essential questions, answers, and tips about the guessing strategy.  Should you guess on the Middle or Upper Level SSAT? The answer is: It depends. You must first understand how the test is scored. When your test is scored, you will receive one point for each correct answer. You will lose one…

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